An interesting escape room in Dubrovnik

Learn the history of the city in a fun way


In recent years there ahs been a trend of this new experience type adventure that many people have found to not only be entertaining but is also a good exercise for your brain. I’m talking about Escape Rooms, a room in which you and a group of you friends are locked in and have to solve different questions and riddles that will lead to different clues and eventually a way out. Now there is a new company in Croatia that is offering you a very unique escape room experience and it is called Respublica Obscura Dubrovnik Escape Room.



Dubrovnik Escape Room


This escape room is based on the true events of the past in the 17th century, during the war between the Christian West and the Ottoman East. The city is an important trading route and so it must be kept alive, but a secret society of people who wear masks are threatening its independence and must be stopped. You are tasked with stopping them and restoring liberty to this republic. The room is filled with many different riddles and puzzles that need to be solved so that you can escape and stop these people from bring down the republic. This Dubrovnik escape room has already become quite popular with a lot of people, the proof of which can be found in the many user or personal review of it on Google and Trip Advisor.


So if you are in the area or are planning to take a trip over there and are thinking of things to do in Dubrovnik, try out their popular escape room and learn more about the city and it’s great history with your friends and family, by playing Respublica Obscura Dubrovnik Escape Room.