Redemption of gift cards

When you get a gift card from you will wonder as to how to use this Free iTunes Gift Card. It is easy to do so. You can use the Free iTunes Codesfor getting movies, apps, Books, TV Shows, music, audio books. iCloud storage as well as Apple music membership just to name a few things.


The iTunes gift card allows you to credit to you Apple ID the amount which is on the card. This credit can be used toward the iBook store, the App Store or iTunes Store – however, you should remember to sign in using the same Apple ID. The credit can be used towards making various purchases till the credit is gone.


When you have an Apple Music Gift Card, the credit can be applied towards the Apple Music Individual Membership and if you are not a member, then automatically, you get a membership. If you are already a music member, then the credit extends the membership based on your renewal by the amount of months you have on the card.

Free iTunes Gift Card


If you have a promo code or want to redeem content, the items automatically gets downloaded to your device.

If you want to locate your redemption code, and you have an iTunes or an Apple Music gift card, then you need to peel or scratch the label which is at the back of the card. That will reveal the hidden code. The 16 digit code is needed in order for the card to be redeemed. This does not always start with an X. Based on the kind of card, the number appears in different places.                                                                                      


On the iPhone, iPod or iPad, you should go to the iBook store, iTunes store or App store and scroll to the bottom and click on redeem of the featured section in order to start the redemption.